Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Leonardo Dicaprio, whose name is Franck Abagnale jr , is the most interresting character in the film “Catch Me If you Can”. He has given me such a good impression through his behavior and dynamism. Leonardo Dicaprio stands out to me above all the others because it seems he is the main character and the main subject of the film, and he probably plays or successfully plays his role for the film .He was really perfect. I’m wondering if I can pay such a huge responsibility. He was one of the most impostors, forgers, con men, con artists, escape persons for the film for example he was a fake co pilot, fake doctor in hospital, practiced law without a license. Anyways he has been identified in his role. He is doing all those things because he just want to succeed life and spend kind of a nice life with ladies and get money quickly, but he has been caught and stop in his path by FBI, he even spent some times in jail. He is a such a dynamic character because he always dismiss, change his mind, his attitudes, his kind of living, confuse always people but finally he was arrested and put in FBI custody and he ill go to jail for forgery, passing worthless checks, swindling, counterfeiting. I have encountered this character in he book so there are no depictions in the book we learn that he always tries to do the same activities. I urge all readers to learn about this character in my opinion, and he has several films, novel in his act if. Another nice film so romantic he has made is “Titanic”. I’m always excited when I’m talking about this film.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Maxime ghislain zondo
Class assignment

Hawaii whales at risk from boats

BBC news’s article “Hawaii at risk from boats” discusses the increasing of the population of whales in Hawaii. This high number of whales can be explained by the jump in population numbers. For example, 1.ooo calves are born in Hawaiilian water every year. In addition, the population has kept growing by around 7% each year, especially in the north Pacific. At the moment we have important growing of the whale’s population, they are facing a lot of trouble. For instance, they have notified the media of several or appreciatively seven cases of collision between whales and boats. This dramatic situation has become the concern of the authorities as well as they have required the boat drivers to follow certain rules to avoid hitting the whales. For instance, they must travel below 13 knots. The most important thing is that the humbacks whales were placed under US federal law.

In my opinion, it is a nice article from BBC. It will help people know more about what is going on with the population of whales. It better because the whales are part of our natural worth. In addition, it will be at the same time a tourist preoccupation. I think it is good thing USA is doing now to protect the population of whales, so that the owners of boats should follow some strict requirement to avoid the destruction of the whale population. This is because it can be anytime the economic basic.

I think it is a good article from BBC.But in fact is it not only whales population, which is in danger? I think we should find other ways to protect other species such as birds.

BBC News. (2006, may 8). Hawaii whales at risk from boats. Retrieved on July 5, 2006, from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4984088.stm

Monday, June 05, 2006

Maxime ghislain zondo

According to Seal (1997)in “What is stress,” Stress is emotional and physical reactions to

stimuli or event in our environment that we call stressors. Major life event such as

divorce, loss of job, daily hassles, even disasters are the type of stressors from which we

have to deal with the challenges.

A study has been made by Seyle, in which he has propose that both humans and animals

response to any stressor in three stages that are called general adaptation syndrome.

First of all we have the alarm reaction, which is the physical mental response to the

stressor. Second stage, we have resistance, which is when our system tries to solve

from the stressor .And the last stage is the step of exhaustion, is when the organism

breakdown or collapse physically and mentally.

Furthermore, Seyle has developed his research on rats and prove that rats react every

time in the same ways to the stressors, and this is not similar to human beings. In humans,

the reaction to stress depend how we can handle the threats. In addition, the stress

reaction is likely to change widely, depending on the person’s subjective appraisal. Some

stressful events give rise predominantly to fear, anger, helplessness, and depression.

Monday, May 08, 2006

i read the websitethis articleconcerning cnn, and i find out that there is an amazing development of technology .The most important thing is the existence of Bluetooth on every mobile phone. It affected especially the class of adolescent that develop increasingly this aspect of value in their culture. The Bluetooth is the aspect of wireless and the ladies can communicate with the guys without giving any typical information about them. It is easier way to get friend.

In my opinion it is very interesting and I hope that maybe in the future we will have more. Maybe we can watch TV on our mobile phone

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I read the websiteconcerning one driver can improve traffic.This article is really bout
experiments, not theory. I find out that to push the wave away from a merge zone makes the merge zone flow faster.
But my question is how long the jam will last? So if anybody is asking himself this question and when fortunately the unplugging happens in front of him, he gets immediate direct benefit until the going slow gets triggered again

In my opinion it is an interesting experiment. But they didn’t really talk about the mechanical aspect of driving in this case.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I navigated through the website concerning the wisdom of crowds http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wisdom_of_Crowds and i found out that there are some elements required to form or to destroy a wise crowd.
Four elements are essential to form a wise crowd. For example, diversity of opinion, when each person should have his private information. Independence, and decentralisation, when people opinions aren’t determined by the opinions of those around them and when people are able to specialize on local knowledge. The last one is aggregation, when some systems exist to turn private judgment into a common decision.
On the other hand the crowd can only do as well as its smartest member, rather than perform better. These are the elements for failures of crowd for being too centralized, too divided, and too

In my opinion not all crowds are wise, we have unwise crowd too. Although, all these dissensions, the crowds are characterized by collective experimental details. And the main reason is that people in the crowds are conform by the systematic flaw of making decisions

Thursday, April 27, 2006

i read the website concerning the gay gene.Through this effort, I realized that there is a lot of contradictions, confusions and controversy about the homosexual issue. Despite those challenges there is still amazing research which tries to assume the homosexual behavior is gene-linked. For example there is study that reported the gay gene seems to be maternally linked, and is found on the Xq-28 stretch of the X chromosome (hameretal, 1993). But this funding was seriously criticized and questioned by another study, which found out that there is no evidence to relate the homosexual act to genetics (Marshall, 1995). Furthermore other people, especially anti-gay people attribute homosexuality to something such as a mental or physical illness. So ,up to now, there is still confusion about finding whether homosexuality is related to nature or nurture.

In my opinion, it is very hard for us to understand clearly what is going on. Because if it comes to questions of genetics of any homosexual behavior. We have the statement that is genetic behavior, or inherited. And the same time we have the statement that it is not genetics behavior or it is not heritable. I think we must not be skeptics; we have to be hopefully optimistic that in the future the truth shall prevail. But for me the homosexuality is purely related to nurture. On the other hand it is caused maybe by mental or physical illness. Or it is temptation.

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